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The 5 simple steps to book your ad

Step 1 Of 5 : Classification & Package

Step 1 : Classification & Package

Use the prompts to select the right classification for your ad, and then choose a packge listed below.  Please note that we do not accept Legal or Companion advertisements online. 

If you are advertising a property or a garage sale, and the areas of the GTA (such as Central West) are listed, here are descriptions of each area:

CENTRAL:  This is the downtown area of Toronto.  Choose this if the location of the property or garage sale is no further west than Dufferin St., no further north than Lawrence Ave., and no further east than the Don Valley Parkway.

CENTRAL WEST:  Choose this if the location is west of Dufferin Ave., up to Etobicoke Creek.

CENTRAL EAST:   Choose this if the location is east of the Don Valley Parkway, up to the Rouge River.

CENTRAL NORTH:  Choose this if the location is north of Lawrence Ave., up to Steeles Ave.

WEST:  Choose this if the location is west of the Etobicoke River (Caledon, Brampton, Mississauga, Halton Hills, Milton, Oakville, Burlington)

EAST:   Choose this if the location is east of the Rouge River (Pickering, Uxbridge, Ajax, Whitby, Scugog, Oshawa, Clarington)

NORTH:  Choose this if the location is north of Steeles Ave. (Vaughan, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, King, Aurora, Newmarket)

Step 2 Of 5 : Create your ad

Step 2 : Create your ad

Design your ad/announcement.  Fields that have an asterisk (*) are required.  The preview will automatically update as you fill in the fields.  The price will also be updated as more information is added, but please note that the final cost with tax is only available if you have logged in.  The final cost with tax will be shown in the later steps (where you can log in or register with us).   On the right, choose your desired publication dates by clicking them in the calendar. 

DEADLINES:  Information about our deadlines can be found in the FAQ.  A link to the FAQ can be found at the top of the page.

Enhancements and additions (such as photos, # of columns) can be found on the next step.  If you select a photo in that step, you will be returned here to perform the upload.  You will also be able to crop your photo if needed.

OBITUARY CUSTOMERS:  Please note that we must confirm the death for all Obituaries.  If a Funeral Home, Crematorium or other Funeral Centre is not mentioned in the obit ad text, we will need to contact you by telephone or email for further details. 

Step 3 Of 5 : Billing Info/Log In

Step 3 : Billing Info/Log In

If you have not already registered or logged in, you will be asked to register or log in here.  Once that is done, you will be shown an overview of your order and the final cost.  Our Terms and Conditions must be accepted (by clicking the box) before finalizing your order.



Step 4 Of 5 : Payment

Step 4 : Payment

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards.  Fill in the cardholder name, choose the card type from the drop-down and enter the credit card number, expiry, and CVD code. 

If you are a billed customer, the option to have the order billed to your account will be shown here.

Step 5 Of 5 : Confirmation

Step 5 : Confirmation

If your credit card or billing payment is authorized successfully, you will be taken to the confirmation page.  Your booking is complete!  You are able to view your orders in the My Account area at any time.