I used to be able to Sign In to the listings site. I no longer see that option. What happened?


We previously had 2 sign-in areas available on our homepage at One for our listings site ( for users to save ads as favourites, and another for our customers to book/update their ad orders. The 2 sign-in's were causing confusion with many users, so we decided to remove the sign-in for our listings site. The only sign-in available now is for users/customers to place or edit their orders.


Which browsers are compatible with this site?

Our site is compatible with the latest Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

For Internet Explorer users: This site is only compatible with Internet Explorer version 8 or higher.

How can I find my ad?


By using the "Search Classifieds" found on the top right hand side you can do the following:

a.       You can search by the ad number you were provided when you placed your ad with the sales representative

b.      You can search by entering a word (or words) or numbers.

c.       You can also browse the category under which your ad is booked.




How can I find a particular ad?


a.      Select the category and then browse through the ads.

b.      You can also narrow down your search by performing a keyword search found on the left side once you enter the specific category.

c.       Click "Show More" under the Keyword search (see below) to narrow down the results by price, model, # of bedrooms etc.


d.      Depending on the category you are in, you can search all ads by the region of your choice listed on the bottom left side once you enter one of the following ad categories: rentals, real estate and garage sales.




How does the Keyword Search work?


The keyword search will bring up any ads that contain that particular word, set of words or number contained in the text of the ad.




How does the area map work?


Real Estate, Rental and Garage sale ads are organized by area (determined by the classification during booking). Click on the map and select the desired area. This will bring up ads in that region.




How does the region search work?


It works similarly to the area map. Start by clicking a main category like Rentals, Real Estate or Garage Sale, then scroll down to see the list of regions on the left. Click the desired region to filter the ads.




Why are some ads shown at the top of the category, or on your homepage?


Advertisers can elect to make their ad a Category Feature or Homepage Feature which will sort those ads before the basic ads.


Can you tell me how many people have seen my ad?


At this time this feature is not available. Our website attracts over 8 million unique visitors per month.

What is that little blue box with the white lines in it in the category title bar? (RSS)

By clicking on the blue RSS icon you can subscribe to a RSS feed for any of our categories to get the latest updates on what's new in that category.


My ad did not appear online. What do I do?

If you are not able to locate your ad, please email us at or call 1-800-268-9304.